About us

National Energy Services Limited, commonly known as NESL, is incorporated in Bangladesh in 2004.

NESL provides a wide range of advisory, human resources consultancy and administrative support services for its clients and consultants.

NESL has extensive and diverse experience in supplying and managing expatriate and national
personnel to multinational and national clients in specialized industries including gas, power,
constructions, telecom and other engineering sectors.

NESL is a registered entity with the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments,
Ministry of Labour, Government of Bangladesh .



Operating over a decade with excellent performance track records, NESL aims at offering complete client satisfaction maintaining competitiveness and highest compliance standard. Continuously improve its operating standards and behaviours to meet new challenges and expectations.

NESL to focus mainly in power, telecom, oil and gas exploration and production facilities, information technology, complex constructions and other areas of engineering excellences.


Expect to be the leader among the manpower service providershelping its clients to create competitive and optimum workforce by deploying national and international personnel.


Remain compliant and transparentin everything we do and maintain ethical and professional approach to the solutions. This createsreliance in our clients that NESL shall meet their expectations and shall deliver the services with complete compliance with the rules and regulations for mutual benefits.


Our approach is as follows:

  • Understand client needs based on circumstances and operations to establish tailor-made approach of the solutions to meet Expectation of the client;
  • To carry out operations in compliance to ISO9001:2015 standards and requirements;
  • To remain connected with its peers/international recruitment consultants who worked with or through NESL;
  • To remain open to suggestions from within or outside the business for any scope for improvements;
  • To establish performance criteria for itself to ascertain customer satisfaction and be in regular touch with client to have the first hand information;
  • To keep the staff updated and well trained to cope with operational challenges;


Mr. Stephen Lane Green
Mr. Stephen Lane Green

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

I had the pleasure of working for NESL for seven years and must say theyprovided world class services in regards to the many coordinationrequirements to mobilize an ex pat to work in Bangladesh. They were alwayspunctual in reference to my many inquires in support of wage logistics, aswell as proper tax compliance regulations . My yearly work permits and visawas delivered on time on a yearly base in order to ensure alignment with theBangladesh government processes. Travel logistics were always coordinated toensure cost integrity without jeopardizing safety. I would highly recommendNESL to support any business needs associated with Bangladesh.Please feel free to contact me in regards to any future references insupport of NESL.
 Robert Kyle Morris
Robert Kyle MorrisSenior Drilling Engineer

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

I am a contract drilling engineer who worked through NESL for Chevron in Bangladesh from 2011 to mid-year 2015. This covered 4-1/2 year work assignment. I entered the country in January of 2011 and was met at the airport by an NESL representative to assist me with my initial entry. The primary visa was processed and I had my work visa within 4 days. I have worked in 16 other countries and never had such a smooth reception and support. As the work went forward I had one on one contact with billing and administrative personnel. The NESL staff was ahead of me in reminding me to send in timesheets and expenses. Monthly payment was received never more than 3 days from filing my invoice. Most projects I have worked in during international work I would not receive payment until 30-day plus after invoiceI had a medical issue while working and NESL was quick to respond and ever helpful to resolve all billings associated. My experience with NESL in Bangladesh makes me comfortable to work with them in any country they may be in the future.I am extremely pleased with working through NESL and would be glad to work again if the opportunity occurred.I can be contacted at morriskyle@hotmail.com f any specific questions are necessary.
Ronald G Jones
Ronald G JonesAsset Integrity Lead

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

Can advise that NESL has always been good employer and been efficient and responsive to my needs on visa, salary and bank deposits.Very professional office.If l return to work in Bangladesh the l would definately use NESL as my agent/employer.
Richard Bruce Gomendi
Richard Bruce GomendiConstruction Representative

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

As a Construction Supervisor for “unoc1", a US based oil company, I used NESL to employee several worldwide contractors in the country of Bangladesh from 2005 to 2007 for various construction projects. To my knowledge all contractor salaries were always paid in a timely manner with no issue.From 2007 until 2010 as a Gas Plant Superintendent and Construction Manager for “Chevron” in the country of Bangladesh I used NESL to employee worldwide contractors as well as Bangladeshi contractors. There were never any issues or complaints about salaries being paid in a fair and timely manner.I was employed by NESL in 2011 and 2012 as a Construction Representative for Chevron In Bangladesh. I always receive my compensation on time. NESL always available to assist me with any issues including work, VISAs and taxes.Based on my eight years of experience with NE5L, from 2005 through 2012, I can certainly recommend them as one of the best in the business. Always available to assist both the client and the employee with any issue that may arise. I worked 39 years for Unocal and Chevron and can honestly say that NESL was one of the best contracting firms that I had the pleasure of working with.
Thomas Eugene Catlett
Thomas Eugene CatlettSeismic Consultant

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

During my tenure at NESL, the company was very efficient in obtaining work permits, salary payment and supporting their people. I never had to worry about work permits or receiving my salary. All was done on time. NESL was always available; either by email, phone call or in person, for support issues.I would never be hesitate in working for NESL.
Sean Noel Ernest Philips
Sean Noel Ernest PhilipsElectrical Engineer

Assigned with Chevron Bangladesh

Yes, I am honored that you ask for my comments on NESL. I worked for Chevron Bangladesh for over 7 years and 4 years contracting through NESL.I hold NESL in very high regard as one of the better contract agency that I have worked for in my 25 year Engineering career. NESL operated very efficiently and agency staff were always extremely polite. NESL correctly paid my salary on time, proactively updated my visas and work permits, and dealt with legal compliance with Bangladeshi foreign worker employment regulations. I never had any problems with NESL in 4 years that I worked for you. Thank you for your excellent service.



Mr. Mohammad Al Maruf Khan

Managing Director and Legal Advisor

Mahfuza Khan, LLB (Hons), LLM

Mr. Mohammad Al Maruf Khan


Qualified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Mr. Mohammad Al Maruf Khan is a Fellow member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAE&W), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh and a CPA of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Maruf Khan has brilliant academic background to his credit securing first position in all public examinations. He is the holder of many academic awards including Chancellors Award, awarded by the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, University Grants Commission Award for securing the top position in the Faculty of Commerce, University of Dhaka and Nurunnessa Khatun Bidyabinodini Gold Medal of the University of Dhaka for securing the top position in the Bachelors and the Masters Programme of the University of Dhaka.

Mr. Maruf Khan is the Vice Chairman of NDB Capital Limited, a Bangladesh- Sri Lanka joint venture merchant bank and is also the Chairman of CMSL Securities Limited, a corporate member of Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange. Mr. Khan is also the Chairman of a human resources management company for over a decade providing services to multinational companies engaged in and specializing in engineering, technology, oil and gas sectors in Bangladesh. Mr. Maruf Khan is in public accounting practice in Bangladesh and is a partner of a leading accounting firm in Bangladesh.

Mr. Khan served with a fund manager in Europe and was posted in Guernsey, Channel Islands during 1991-1992. He served as a consultant to a firm of chartered accountants in Bangladesh for five years during 2000-2005. Mr. Al Maruf Khan served as a Director to the Board of Directors of Janata Bank Limited during 2006-2009. He was the Chairman of the Audit Committee of Janata Bank Limited during the same term. He was the Bangladesh correspondent of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, the Netherlands. He served as member in many committees of both stock exchanges of Bangladesh over the decade including trading committee, capital market development committee, budget committee, compliance committee, listing committee, administrative committees etc.

Mr. Khan served as the President of the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd for two consecutive terms during 2012 and 2013 and spearheaded in the demutualization of the stock exchange. Mr. Khan also served as the Chairman of South Asian Federation of Exchanges in 2013, the apex body of all stock exchanges of SAARC region.

Mr. Khan is a Corporate Financier (CF) qualified under the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, UK. He holds post graduation in Investigative and Forensic Accounting under the University of Toronto, Canada.

Mahfuza Khan, LLB (Hons), LLM

Managing Director and Legal Advisor

Ms. Mahfuza Khan, Managing Director and Legal Advisor of NESL since 2004. She holds bachelors degree of Law with honours from the University of Dhaka and holds LLM from the University of Dhaka. She is in charge of managing and monitoring the company’s legal affairs to ensure legal and contractual compliances of the company.

Hafiz Choudhury


Hafiz Choudhury is an international tax consultant and entrepreneur. He works with major multinationals on tax policy and business strategy issues; he also advises governments on tax policy and administration through his consulting firm, The M Group, Inc. (www.mgroupglobal.com.). He has worked in locations as diverse as India, Qatar, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Seychelles, Pakistan, Romania, Mongolia, Latvia and China. His software business builds international tax and trade decision support, modeling and analysis tools (www.reganalytics.com).

He serves on the Extractive Industries Taxation Subcommittee and the Transfer Pricing Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee of Taxation Experts, and was the general editor of the UN Transfer Pricing Manual. He has been involved in significant research tasks in international taxation, often working jointly with senior experts such as Dr. Jeffrey Owens (former director the OECD’s tax function), Prof. Richard Bird, Mr. Dave Hartnett (former Chairman, UK HMRC) and Mr. Pascal Lamy (former Director General of WTO).

Prior to starting his own business, he was with IBFD, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he held a variety of roles such as head of the Asia-Pacific/Middle East team, director of business development, and GM of the Americas business. In his time there, he moved from the tax consulting and content creation side to roles in product management, sales and business development. He was later IBFD’s nominee to work for Orbitax, a tax software company founded through a combination of assets from IBFD and a private business. He graduated from London University with a Masters degree in International Relations, and joined HM Board of Inland Revenue in the UK (now HMRC), where he received his professional tax training. He is currently based in Washington D.C.