Dynamic Approach

The capabilities of NESL are all round in relation to handling of international taxes, supply and management of domestic and expatriate personnel and some specific technical areas. NESL has a functional Quality Control system ensuring the quality of services at par with international standards. We have formal arrangement with specialized International Recruitment Consultant/s to cater for immediate needs of our clients. We, at NESL, always commit to provide competitive administrative, logistical and technical solutions in consistent with customer needs, contract specifications and local and international state laws. Our approach is as follows:

  • To understand client needs based on circumstances and operations and to establish tailor-made approach to the solutions to meet expectations of each segment of its client community and the consultants;
  • To carry out operations in compliance to ISO9001:2000 standards and requirements;
  • To remain connected with its peers who worked with or through NESL;
  • To remain open to suggestions from within or outside the business for any scope for improvements;
  • To establish performance criteria for itself to ascertain customer satisfaction and be in regular touch with client to have the first hand information;
  • To keep the staff updated and well trained to cope with operational challenges;
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