Immigration & Visa

No, there is no restriction to obtain Bangladesh visa except the nationals from the State of Israel.

Prior to arrival in Bangladesh:

E visa:Employer starts processing to obtain E visa recommendation letter from BIDA (the issuing authority) on receipt of necessary documents from employee. Employer will send a letter requesting the concern embassy to issue E visa along with copy of E visa recommendation letter issued by BIDA, copy of appointment letter with an advice to the employee to apply for E visa. Normally, Bangladeshi Missions aboard issue E visa with validity of 90 days from the date of arrival.

B visa:Any person can apply to Bangladeshi Embassy for B visa attaching a copy of invitation letter from the company inviting him to visit Bangladesh along with company information. Normally, Bangladesh Missions aboard issue 30 days B visa to the applicant.

While in Bangladesh:

E visa:Employee needs to extend his E visa before expiry of his existing E visa. Employer needs to enclose copy of work permit/ documentary evidence of application for work permit and copy of security clearance with E visa extension application. In case of non-availability of security clearance, E visa will be extended for 90 days only. On expiry of extended 90 days E visa employer has to apply for next extension on receipt of security clearance and this time applicant will get E visa extension matching with work permit validity.

B visa:On expiry of existing B visa, the holder can apply for B visa extension to Bangladesh Immigration authority attaching copy of police clearance. Normally, Bangladesh Immigration authority grants 30 days B visa extension to applicant. In case of refusal by of clearance by the authority, applicant will get exit visa. Applicant has to leave Bangladesh within 7 days of getting exit visa.

Yes, Business visa can be converted to E visa. But it is a complicated process to obtain permission in relation to visa category change from Ministry of Home affairs. It takes around 30 to 45 working days. On receipt of approval for visa category change from Home Ministry, employer has to apply to BIDA for work permit based on the date of arrival in Bangladesh. Home Ministry may reject any application for visa category change.
An applicant for work permit can commence his work immediately on arrival in Bangladesh, only if he arrives with an E- visa. Immediately on his arrival in Bangladesh, employer will apply for his Work Permit and this is usually issued with effect from his arrival in Bangladesh. Work permit itself can take a month to be processed.
It may take around 30 work days to obtain work permit.
  • E visa extension: It takes around 5 to 7 work days
  • B visa extension: It takes around 30 working days.
  • Visa category change: It takes around 30 to 45 working days.
Usually the employer would bear the cost of visa and work permits, if agreed. Both visa cost and work permit cost would include government fees as well as professional fees to process the paper works. If visa fees is spent by the employee prior to his arrival, and if agreed upfront, those expenses shall be reimbursed by the employer.
BIDA (Bangladesh Investment Development Authority) send a copy of work permit along with a copy of work permit application form to Ministry of Home Affairs. Home Ministry sends those documents to SB (special Branch of police) and NSI (National Security Intelligence) for investigation. Employer has to provide required documents to SB and NSI based on their requirement. SB and NSI may visit employer’s office in addition to meeting the employee himself. SB and NSI submit their report to Home Ministry for further processing. Home Ministry issues the security clearance based on the reports received from SB and NSI.
It takes around 70 to 80 working days.
Usually the employer would bear the cost of visa, security clearance, work permits and other related costs, if agreed. Both visa cost and work permit cost would include government fees as well as professional fees to process the paper works. If visa fee is spent by the employee prior to his arrival, and if agreed upfront, those expenses shall be reimbursed by the employer.
It depends upon the prior agreement with the employer. Usually, it is taken care by the employee himself. The company provides services and the fees will be charged back to the employee.

Selection Process

  • Written/interview/Presentation or both for national employee.
  • Online interview/Presentation for expatriate employee.
Yes, we follow the following protocol while conducting interviews.
  • Summary sheet for all candidates with details for all candidates (education qualification, experience level, others, etc.).
  • Score Sheet.
  • Technical Question Sheet.
  • Guideline for the Interview as received from the client
Yes, in most of the cases it is mandatory for medical and security background check up based on client requirement.
It is dependent on candidate’s contract with his existing employer. We just inform candidate about the expected joining date and joining period is reasonable unless an urgent job position is advertised.

Payroll, Taxation and other payment process

  • Help employee to open Bank account in NESL prescribed banks.
  • Employees have to submit approved monthly time sheet (applicable for all national/expatriate employees)
  • Calculation of salary and benefits is done based on approved time sheet. Deduction of AIT and otherdeductions, if any.
  • Salary transfer to Bank.
  • Send pay slip to employee

In case of expat employees, salary process starts on receipt of approved time sheet along with receipt of foreign currency (only USD accounts) bank details from employee. No payment can commence prior to work permit approval. Payments are done only by bank transfer.

Usually within three weeks of end of the month. The certified / approved time sheets, declarations, bank details and other relevant papers can accelerate the payment process. Payments may be delayed if there is change of salary requiring amendments to work permits. Payments are only processed when work permits are issued by BIDA.

We write to our banker to transfer salary to national employee’s bank A/C based on approved time sheet and bank details submitted by employees.

In case of expat employee’s, we advice our bank to transfer foreign currency to concern employee’s FC bank A/C aboard. We have to attach copy of approve time sheet, copy of work permit and copy of bank details provided by expat employee

The procedures for tax deduction are followed as per guideline of Bangladesh Tax Authority (NBR). As per existing guideline, tax payable for non-residents is 30% of salary and other benefits (subject to other applicable rules). In case of national employees, monthly tax deduction made based on estimated calculation of salary payable to the employee in a year.
The procedures for tax deduction are followed as per guideline of Bangladesh tax authority (NBR). Minimum tax deduction is not applicable in case of expat employees. Standard rates of deductions for non-residents if applicable, would apply.
Employee has to submit approved claim form along with all original supporting documents to NESL for processing. NESL will submit invoice attaching the claim related approved document and claim form to client for client’s approval and settlement.
Yes. NESL charge agreed fees on employee’s claim under reimbursable expense category. The fees/ charges are payable by client, not by employee.
Yes, as per government rules, NESL has to deduct income tax from salary of all employees and deposit the same to national exchequer.

NESL offers services in relation to submission of tax return and obtaining tax clearance certificate for expat employees only. NESL deduct tax from employee’s salary and deposit the same to national exchequer. NESL calculate total income and total tax liability for each employee and submit tax return based on the calculation on behalf of expat employees. On completion of tax assessment, we obtain tax clearance certificate from concern tax authority. Charge applicable.

In case of national employee, tax return submission and obtaining tax clearance is the obligation of concern employee. NESL only deduct applicable tax from employee’s salary, deposit the same to tax authority and provide a copy of tax Challan and a certificate mentioning the amount of total tax deduction. No charge applicable.

Yes, expat employee needs local bank account for salary transfer except for the expatriates who are working in oil and gas sector (they have the option either to maintain locally or aboard).
Yes, NESL can support client by providing skilled and experienced manpower both expatriates and nationals. NESL maintain a rich database to provide all categories of expat and national employees to its clients.

Mobilization, demobilization and settling in Bangladesh

Client will bear the charge of mobilization and demobilization, if pre-agreed.
Yes, if employee bears the travel related cost that will be reimbursed subject to contract between client and NESL.
Client/Employee will bear local transportation or if client agrees, NESL bear local transportation expenses on behalf of client and will be reimbursed from client.
Client/Employee will bear accommodation or if client agrees, NESL arrange accommodation expenses on behalf of client and cost will be reimbursed from client.
Client/Employee will bear meal or if client agrees, NESL bear food expenses on behalf of client and will be reimbursed from client.


NESL or any organization acting as the employer of the personnel while he will be working in Bangladesh will issue the appointment letter.
NESL or any organization acting as the employer of the personnel while he will be working in Bangladesh will issue the reference letter.
Bangladesh tax year ends in June each year. Salary certificates shall be issued as requested by employee at any point in time. Request must be made at least two weeks in advance. Tax certificates shall be issued only after the end of tax year and once the tax assessment is completed. Usually these certificates are available around first week of November each year. Any employee leaving prior to the end of tax year shall have to wait for his tax assessment to be completed and usually will take around three months after the date of his departure from Bangladesh.

Compliance issue

Under Labour Law of Bangladesh, there are 4 (four) types of leaves that can be availed by an employee. These are - Casual, sick, maternity (applicable for female employees only) and earn leave. Employee can encash unused earn leave only.Client specific leave rules also applies.
Service benefits depends on Client advice and agreement between the employee / employer/ client.
As per practice, employees who have completed one year of service/job consecutively are entitled to get two festival bonuses in a year. Each festival bonus shall not be more than the basic wage amount, unless otherwise agreed.
NESL arranges appropriate insurance policies for employees working for its clients based on client’s policy and circumstances


NESL maintains following insurance policies for national and expatriate employees in line with the requirements of the clients:

  • Group life insurance coverage (Accidental death, normal death, Partial disability and Permanent disability for national employee).
  • Hospitalization insurance coverage for national employees.
  • Medical evacuation and Hospitalization coverage for expat employees.
  • Workman compensation insurance coverage for both national/expat employees.

All insurance coverage amount is decided by clients except WCI which depends on Workmen’s Compensation Act , 1923 and subsequent amendments of the said Act.

Moreover, NESL provide General liability policy, Employers liability policy and Professional liability policy based on client’s requirement. The expenses are reimbursable as per pre-agreed cost.

Cautions: False advertisements and job offers

NESL shall not be responsible for any job advertisements, which are fake, not genuine or not posted by NESL. Anyone claiming to be agent or associate of NESL or using NESL brand name or logo and offering the contracts or jobs or work permits with NESL or its clients must be reported to us immediately. NESL notifies that no money transfer request would be made to any candidate at any stage in the recruitment process. NESL warns any potential candidates not to disclose banking and other personal details to any party pretending to be NESL and all such attempts should be notified to NESL. It is to be understood that NESL take no liability for such frauds or misrepresentations.