Message from the Chairman

It is my immense pleasure and opportunity to inform that we have now completed twelve years of our operations in Bangladesh. We hereby take this opportunity to sincerely thank to all of our multinational and national clients as well as to our consultants for trust and confidence they placed on us of our operations in Bangladesh territory during more than a decade now. During this period, NESL has risen to the forefront of the Bangladesh manpower industry and have successfully helped its clients to create competitive and optimum workforce by deploying and managing national and international personnel in specialized industries including gas, power, constructions, telecom and other engineering sectors.

We have made this challenging journey in a rather unfamiliar business conditions where we are proud to set many compliance standards for ourselves as well as for our competitors. Landscape of Bangladesh market has now changed significantly where non-compliance and non-adherence to laws and regulations are no longer tolerated. As an entity with a very high standard of compliance standards, this has given us a level paying field competing with many local and multinational companies who remained naive to local regulations.  Our constant interactions and dialogues with local regulators, facilitators and agencies have helped improving regulated business environment in both ways which is beneficial for the business community, employees and of course the government.

There are still many legal loopholes that are being abused by many unscrupulous businesses, in this particular field, and those remain to be addressed with assistance from all parties working towards creating better business environment.We strongly believe that for a healthy business growth, competitive and transparent business conditions are necessary and business enterprises no longer promote and support short-cut non-compliant services. Our strength is the trust and confidence that our national and multinational clients have shown on us reconfirming the fact that that compliance matters and thrive in long run.

Bangladesh has been marching towards significant economic progress and with the introductions of new levels of infrastructural constructions, more specialized manpower management companies will be necessary. Mega sized power plants, nuclear reactors, deep sea ports, multi-purpose bridges, deep sea oil and gas explorations, fast lane roads and highways, flyovers, ports and harbours, telecommunication technologies, fertilizer factories, LNG terminals, special EPZs, fast track railways, to name a few of such projects that will dominate our investment horizon over the next decade. Bangladesh will need a huge number of skilled manpower from home and abroad to do these highly competitive jobs.  Well organized human resources management company with strong compliance standard to local rules and regulations who would cater the need of multinational companies will therefore very important,

May I also take this opportunity to acknowledge my gratitude to our experienced, dedicated and devoted team of management to make this challenging yet very successful journey.With their every delivery, we are proud to call ourselves a truly compliant company.
Yours Sincerely,
Al Maruf Khan, FCA


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